Pro Bono Activities

March 25, 2014

Eric Steinhoff and Lauren D’Cruz recently obtained the dismissal of a lawsuit against their low-income client, who was sued in a dispute over distribution of a decedent’s estate. Eric and Lauren volunteered to take the case through the Federal Bar Association’s Pro Se Project. They filed a motion to dismiss based on failure to state a claim and res judicata. Plaintiff then agreed to dismiss the case, with prejudice, with no payment by the client, who would not have been in a position to pay a judgment..


Peter Stiteler recently successfully defended a low income client, who was sued when her dog bit and injured a young boy. Peter volunteered to take the case through the Hennepin County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Network. The incident occurred in the course and scope of the client’s  job, but her employer, also a defendant, declined to defend her and in fact asserted a claim against her for reimbursement of any liability the employer might have. A default judgment was eventually entered against the employer. Peter obtained dismissal of all claims against his client, with prejudice, and with no payment by the client, a low income single mom for whom a judgment would have been an extreme hardship.