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Welcome to Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, Professional Association – a well-known and respected Upper Midwest firm whose lawyers are licensed to try and appeal cases in the courtrooms of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Our courtroom advocacy is supported by the latest in evidence presentation software. Because most of our attorneys are local to this region, we are connected to the culture, mores and attitudes of decision-makers here. We’re dispute solution creators for our clients, thought leaders in our communities and bar-related organizations, and we are known to the bench. And, we’re good-deed doers, as shown by our support for pro bono measures to ensure access to justice for all. Most of all, we want to win for you. Unlike many law firms, we did not need a Great Recession in America to discover how to price and staff legal services reasonably – we did so before 2008 and we’re still doing it. We’re cost-focused and prudence-driven tacticians, with an understanding of client demands for file-efficiency metrics. Our attorneys have tried cases in courtrooms all over the region, and our firm is centrally location so when the need arises to deploy counsel our Upper Midwest representation is economical especially when compared to cities of law firm concentration beyond Minnesota’s borders.

Our lawyers include leaders of:

Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota
American Bar Association
American Board of Trial Advocates
American College of Transportation Attorneys
American College of Trial Lawyers
American Transportation Association
Business Counsel, Inc.
Claims Litigation Management
Douglas K. Amdahl Inn of Court
Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel

Hennepin County Bar Association
Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association
Minnesota Justice Foundation
Minnesota State Bar Association
Minnesota Women Lawyers
MN Trucking Association
National Board of Trial Advocacy
Professional Liability Defense Federation
Transportation Lawyers Association
Trucking Industry Defense Association
Warren Burger Inn of Court



Our mission at Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A. is to provide clients exceptional legal advice, deliver services efficiently and cost effectively, act as a seamless extension of our clients’ interests, and advocate those interests tenaciously and zealously. To meet our mission we have assembled a top-notch professional staff. Our attorneys have tried cases in courtrooms throughout the region, and that extensive litigation experience translates into sound legal advice for our clients. We demand excellence and client devotion in every matter we undertake.

Our Firm

“It’s high time for the practice of civil trial law to stop ignoring today’s business realities – and start embracing them.”

Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A. is a professional association with a singular focus on the practice of civil trial law – within the context of contemporary business. Our practice emphasizes trials, appeals and all aspects of alternative dispute resolution procedures – including mediation, arbitration, summary jury trials and similar approaches to non-traditional claim resolution.

We also help our clients plan to preempt disputes by involvement in risk management. We also advise for-profit and not for-profit entities on employment law and a myriad of other legal issues that empower them to thrive. We offer client education presentations on subjects of contemporary interest and emerging liability.

Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A. has received the highest rankings available from the national law firm rating service. We have also been evaluated and selected for listings in Best’s Directory of Insurance Attorney’s, West’s Legal Directory, and the Directory of Environmental Attorneys.

Our Fees

“Forget about all the blue-nose, litigator gobbledygook. We’re in business to deliver quality results. For less.”

For far too long the legal profession has held itself above the forces of a competitive marketplace. But this attitude simply does not fit today’s business environment. Just as our clients must offer exceptional price/value in order to succeed – so must we.

To that end, one of Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A.’s most compelling marketing tools is our billing statement. Every service detail is separately itemized – with the specific time entry clearly presented and calculated to .1 hour. You will find no charge ambiguities, no “block” billing, no minimum fee for service charges – and no cool reception of fee statement inquiries.

Most important of all, you will not find stratospheric hourly rates. And you will not find charges for new lawyer on-the-job training, file review charges for assistants and conflict assignments, or charges resulting from any inefficiency in our file management.

Consistent with our commitment to accommodate the business realties of our clients, we will consider alternative billing/fee arrangements including fixed fee for service proposals, mixed hourly/contingent fee proposals, straight contingent fee arrangements and other approaches to the cost-effective delivery of legal services.

Our Approach

“It’s not enough to think like the client’s counsel, you have to think like the client.”

We recognize that no lawyer can advocate a client’s interest properly without knowledge and acceptance of the client’s mission and objectives. Accordingly, we will not recommend positions on the left hand – without knowing what the right hand is doing.

We view ourselves as seamless extensions of our clients in all aspects of our business – and we seek to assume our client’s perspectives in every way possible.

We have reengineered trial practice to eliminate file staffing hierarchies and bureaucracy. Instead, we organize our practice groups around each client matter – staffing it as necessary with those most experienced in the subject matter. Each staff member is directly accountable to the client for the services he or she performs – and is responsible for producing a quality outcome at the lowest cost.

We look before we leap in making discovery disclosures – particularly in multi-jurisdictional cases where consistent responses can be critical. We recognize that one seemingly isolated case can spawn future cases. With thorough “big picture” case assessment at the outset, we avoid later illogical or imprudent changes of position.

We offer advice and services to all four corners of claim handling: claim avoidance strategies, claim damage control, claim negotiation, and claim resolution. We work within deadlines, within budgets, within the rules. We do what is necessary, but only what is necessary. Our over arching objective is to exceed our client’s expectation, not simply meet them.

Our Experience

“Our adversaries know that we’re never afraid to go to trial.”

As trial lawyers, we believe that verdicts are often a reflection of the local culture. We also believe that successful negotiations can be profoundly impacted by the reputation of attorneys and their firm. We use this perspective in crafting our arguments and approaches to trial and negotiation advocacy. We know the people of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, and we know many of the lawyers practicing trial law in this area. We have grown up here, been educated here and work here. We know the region – and the region knows us.

Litigation is now among the facts of life. However, it can be controlled. It can be managed. It can even be prevented. But the people and businesses involved in the process require specialized care. Achieving the best possible result in every case is not a function of luck. Instead, a successful resolution of a case requires experienced and qualified counsel. We have the experience and qualifications to tackle virtually all matters – from simple two party claims to massive industry-wide litigation.

Appellate advocacy is a highly specialized practice area demanding written brevity, oral persuasiveness and compliance with strict deadlines. For this reason, our lawyers are trained to handle their cases through appeal so no aspect of the case presentation is lost along the way. Our lawyers have argued cases successfully in both the state and federal appellate courts. From case filing to appeal conclusion our firm and your case is well prepared.

Our deep litigation experience directly supports our ability to provide sound and practical legal advice to our clients – to help them avoid mistakes that can lead to costly litigation. We know the law, how to apply it, and how judges and juries react to certain actions. We use that experience to help our clients avoid litigation, but if they need to litigate, we zealously represent their interests through trial and beyond.

Our Staff

“Of course we’ve collected our share of academic accolades.”

But the only honors that really matter are those that we’ve earned at the counsel table.

Our trial and appellate lawyers are exceptional. Our staff includes former law review editors, honors law school graduates, and members of various scholastic honor societies, such as Phi Beta Kappa and the prestigious Order of the Coif. We have recruited judicial law clerks, honors graduates and lawyers with both big and small firm experience.

Our lawyers routinely lecture at continuing legal education seminars and teach at the local law schools. Members of the firm are Civil Trial Specialists certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

We have also been named as American Arbitration Association arbitrators, and are active members of DRI and the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association.

We bring this depth of hiring, talent and experience to you and all of our clients.

We have lawyers admitted to practice in of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Our Responsiveness

“When an opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready to reach out and grab it. It’s no time for the ill-prepared or faint of heart.”

Detailed, timely reporting of file developments is critical to effective litigation management. Opportunities pass quickly and may be irretrievable. It takes forethought to anticipate and successfully exploit an adversary’s weakness. Therefore, Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A. strives to provide our clients with the information necessary to make prompt and prudent tactical decisions.

We develop our initial theory of the case at file inception, establish a plan of action to carry out our objectives, and provide regular status reports and file summaries at important junctures in the life of the case.

Services not offered:

Overstaffing files
Reporting procrastination
Vague, nondescript, block billing
Pointless efforts
Unnecessary depositions
Unnecessary motion practice
Attendance at meetings where little to nothing
is to be accomplished

Travel for pleasure
Case evaluation surprises
Courthouse steps settlement capitulation when the case
could havebeen settled before pretrial expense was incurred
Lawyers who are afraid to try cases (paper tigers)
Routine file passing among lawyers adding file review
expense and disruption in strategy focus.

Our Support

“Our commitment to technology doesn’t mean we work less.
It means we work smart.”

In addition to our trial and appellate lawyers, we employ highly experienced paralegals who are trained to manage file organization, gather records and documents, assist with basic discovery procedures and do similar tasks, all at lower cost. We also employ law students from the local law schools to serve as law clerks and assist with legal research, writing and similar tasks.

We also have established relationships with local and national forensic expert witnesses to enhance our position in cases requiring expert opinion testimony. We also employ seasoned investigators capable of gathering information necessary to presentation of the case. In short, we are a full service law firm.