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Lawyers Professional Liability

Our firm has defended lawyers in professional liability matters in Minnesota for two decades.  We also regularly appear on behalf of clients in licensing-related matters before the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board.  We’ve earned our pride standing up for members of the profession.  Whether the dispute involves a transactional, litigation or counsel for a criminal defendant context, we bring an unrivaled depth of experience to defend standard of care allegations, breach contentions, loss causation arguments, and damages claims.  We’re experts in limitations statute, case-within-a-case, and client comparative fault advocacy.  We also guide clients on claim repair strategies, importance of client engagement letters, non-client liability avoidance measures, and internal law firm communications confidentiality solutions.  Recognizing the public’s perception of lawyers can be affected unfairly by stereotype, we present facts, expert opinion, and arguments to juries mindful of this concern.