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Business Disputes

Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A., handles business efficiently and effectively, always first looking out for and considering the client’s best interests.  The lawyers here both prosecute and defend all different kinds of business disputes.  We try cases, but we also realize that many clients aim to resolve their dispute through mediation or other form of settlement.  We work the cases up, but we always keep you, the client, informed.  We have a wealth of both practical and intellectual experience handling all phases of litigation, from pre-suit investigation through the last appeal.

Our business dispute litigation practice involves many different kinds of business disputes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Violations of Proprietary and Confidential Company Secrets
  • Labor and Employment Disputes
  • Non-Compete Agreements and Violations
  • Real Estate and Title Insurance Transactions
  • Mortgage and Personal Guaranty Litigation
  • Partnership and Business Dissolutions
  • Unfair Competition Claims

Our lawyers handle all sorts of commercial disputes, from a simple business break-up between two small business owners to large, complex, multi-party cases involving millions of dollars and myriad of legal issues.