LJSP Workers’ Compensation 10th Annual Sharpen Your Skills Seminar

October 8, 2018

On October 4, 2018, the LJSP workers’ compensation team held its 10th Annual Sharpen Your Skills seminar.  The theme this year was “Cracking the Work Comp Algorithm.”  With the help of Dr. Paul Arbisi, Dr. Patrick Morris, Rene Duclos, and Michelle Theis, the team presented on a range of topics including medical management of a claim after a work injury, employment law for the work comp professional, 2018 statute and case-law updates (including new laws that went into effect on 10/1/2018), PTSD, and tips for filing NOIDS and doing initial claim investigations. 

 We thank all those who attended, and hope to see you next year!

 If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our materials, please contact a member of our work comp team and we will be happy to send a copy:



 Timothy P. Jung – Timothy.jung@lindjensen.com

Mark A. Fredrickson – Mark.fredrickson@lindjensen.com 

Katie H. Storms – Katie.storms@lindjensen.com

Molly H. de la Vega – Molly.delavega@lindjensen.com