Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A. Successfully Defends Chiropractors

August 22, 2014

Thomas D. Jensen, Thomas J. Evenson, and Amy E. Boyle from Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, PA, were retained by chiropractors and their clinics to defend them in a lawsuit commenced by several insurers in the United States District Court, District of Minnesota. The insurers asserted several claims, including but not limited RICO and anti-kickback claims, against the chiropractors and their clinics. As early as possible, a motion to dismiss was filed on behalf of the chiropractors and their clinics requesting that the Complaint be dismissed. Via Order dated August 19, 2014, the United States District Court, District of Minnesota, granted the motion to dismiss dismissing some claims in part with prejudice and some claims in part without prejudice. In the Order, the Court stated that “[u]nfortunately, plaintiffs in this case failed to heed the warnings of this Court, and thus it is now necessary for the Court and the defendants to undertake an onerous, claim-by-claim march through the lengthy complaint to try and separate the wheat from the chaff.”