Lind Jensen Attorneys Obtain Dismissals

March 26, 2014

Lind Jensen attorneys recently obtained dismissals of lawsuits on behalf of their clients in two separate matters.

Brian Wood and Eric Steinhoff obtained dismissal for their client in a Carver County lawsuit.  The Court found their client did not have any notice of the hazard upon which Plaintiff fell.  Through discovery and depositions Brian and Eric were able to establish that Plaintiff did not have sufficient evidence to meet the evidentiary standard required to overcome summary judgment.  The case was dismissed with prejudice.

Brian and Eric also successfully obtained a dismissal of a strict liability claim in the wrongful death action of Olson v. Alder in Anoka County.  The Court agreed that Minnesota’s dog bite statute should not apply based on the facts presented in the case.  The ruling dismissed Plaintiff’s absolute liability claim against the Defendant and leaves only a negligence claim which allows comparison of fault and other defenses.