Happy 30th Anniversary Lind Jensen Sullivan & Peterson P.A.

March 15, 2021

On a Friday morning on March 15, 1991 heading into a St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend, a light went on in an office on the 39th floor of the IDS Tower, and Rick Lind, Tom Jensen, and Ted Sullivan officially opened Lind, Jensen & Sullivan, PA for business.  Beth Morris and Tim O’Connor joined them soon thereafter, with Paul Peterson and yours truly making it in the door not too long before an incredible one-year anniversary party. The firm was small, but the attitude was big.  A little irreverent and a bit pugnacious some might say.  The lobby reading materials definitely included Rolling Stone, the firm beer was Rolling Rock, and the firm’s phone number (then and now) spelled “defends.”


A few things have changed along the way since Rick and Tom founded the firm (and you can make, and keep, your own lists and jokes to yourself), but the goals of zealous advocacy, great effort, an adventurous spirt, and teamwork remain.


Today, exactly 30 years later, please take some time to celebrate the firm’s anniversary. While the pandemic might keep us from gathering to celebrate as we’d prefer, in your own way, raise a glass, and share good cheer and well wishes to everyone for their contributions to the firm’s 30 years of success.  And thanks to everyone here for those contributions.