Congratulations Thomas Jensen and Lauren Hoglund for Successfully Obtaining a Complete Defense Verdict at a Recent Jury Trial in Washington County District Court

August 1, 2022

Congratulations to attorneys Thomas Jensen and Lauren Hoglund for successfully obtaining a complete defense verdict for their client at a recent jury trial in Washington County District Court.  Plaintiff alleged that the defendant chiropractor breached the standard of care by using excessive force in a chiropractic adjustment, which allegedly caused a vertebral artery dissection and led  to a stroke. Plaintiff also claimed that the defendant chiropractors failed to give informed consent about the association between chiropractic adjustments and vertebral artery dissections. Defendants were found not negligent, with the jury confirming that the chiropractor did not act negligently in his care and treatment of Plaintiff and finding that vertebral artery dissections are not a significant risk of neck chiropractic adjustments.