Bill Davidson and João Medeiros Obtain Summary Judgment for Local Non-Profit

February 16, 2016

On January 27, 2016, Attorneys Bill Davidson and João Medeiros obtained a summary judgment that dismissed the claims brought against local non-profit DARTS, Inc. by Kevin Raun and Robert Loeffler.  Raun and Loeffler quit their positions at DARTS in 2014.  In their lawsuit, they asserted that DARTS was liable for defamation and for retaliating against them in violation the Minnesota Whistleblower Act.  They also alleged that former DARTS executives Gregory Konat and Subramanian “Kris” Krishnan wrongfully interfered with their employment relationship with DARTS.  The Dakota County District Court dismissed all of the claims.  The Court stated that all of the allegedly defamatory statements were substantially true and were made upon a proper occasion, from a proper motive, and based on probable cause.  The Court stated that DARTS did not penalize or retaliate against either plaintiff.  The Court also concluded that neither plaintiff “blew the whistle,” and noted that each had voluntarily left his position with DARTS.