Attorneys Tim Jung, Katie Storms, and Joao Medeiros Presented Oral Arguments Before the Minnesota Supreme Court.

July 17, 2019

Attorneys Timothy Jung, Katie Storms, and Joao Medeiros represented one of Minnesota’s counties regarding an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court. The case involved the legal framework applicable to work injuries involving claims of post-traumatic stress disorder. In an unanimous opinion issued on July 17, 2019, our client prevailed. The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, and reinstated the decision of the trial judge that was favorable to the county. The Court accepted our argument that the finding of PTSD is a fact question, not a legal checklist, thus preserving the value of independent medical examinations and the role of the fact finder to choose between competing expert opinions. Understanding the unique perspective and responsibilities of the public employer was key to this successful outcome.