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Medical Malpractice

We believe our firm is the leading defender of physicians, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, EMTs, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers in this region.  Not idle bragging; this statement is the result of decades of conflict with those whose lawsuit allegations strike at the very heart of these professionals – who labor daily not to hurt anyone.  Our healthcare professional liability lawyers see themselves as defenders of our clients’ core being and integrity, and we do not relent until every standard of care, causation, and damages argument is exhaustively developed.  We’ve successfully defended criticisms of diagnostic impressions and timing, surgical outcomes, informed consent disclosure, medication administration, infection control management, procedure selection, equipment performance, referral attentiveness, and staff supervision.  We know the law on procedural suit prerequisites, limitations statutes, HIPAA ramifications, EMTALA duties, loss of chance recovery, and key evidentiary rules important to the healthcare industry.  Our firm tries these cases using state of the art evidence presentation software, access to our local and national expert panels, and our experience in countering the notorious “reptile theory” of claimant trial advocacy.