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Liquor Liability

The Minnesota Civil Damages Act governs the liability of liquor vendors for illegal sales of alcohol, including sales to minors and obviously intoxicated persons.  In the years since its enactment, dozens of important cases have cleared up many of the law’s ambiguities, but uncertainties remain.  At Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A., our attorneys have literally written the book on so-called “dram shop” claims in Minnesota.  We understand the complexities of the statute and the important precedent governing liquor liability law in Minnesota, and we aggressively represent bars and restaurants against claims brought under the Act.  In addition, we represent homeowners and others against social host liability under the Civil Damages Act, which created a cause of action against a person 21 years of age or older who has control over private property and sells or furnishes alcohol to a person under 21 years old.

Since many bars and restaurants are often insufficiently insured and unfamiliar with the Act’s requirements and penalties, we also provide guidance and compliance services to clients to enable them to navigate the complexities of Minnesota liquor liability law and prevent claims before they occur.  In addition, we provide seminars and claims-handling guidelines for insurers to enable them to better manage the litigation risks associated with their liquor liability policies.