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Life, Health & Disability

Life, health, and disability insurers provide a fundamental service that provides the public with peace of mind and quality of life.  But the field of Life, Health, and Disability Law is in a perpetual state of flux, with courts being asked to interpret and apply the new laws and regulations taking effect at the state and national level.  Our litigators offer state of the art experience for carriers in this space on subjects such as ERISA claim procedural and substantive law developments, contract defenses to individual life, health and disability policy claims, application fraud and rescission, reimbursement litigation, accidental death and disability causation, total/residual/legal/factual disability arguments, dealing with beneficiaries, mental/nervous disorders, agency disputes, and life product unsuitability claims that may trigger FINRA arbitrations.  It is more important than ever for insurers to rely on experienced attorneys who understand the risks taken on by life, health, and disability insurers and zealously advocate that the insurance company is held to only those risks.