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Insurance Agent E&O

Insurance agents and brokers can face errors and omissions claims when casualty losses occur and their customers lack coverage in whole or in part.  Our lawyers possess expert skills in evaluating and defending disputes pertaining to coverage sufficiency, policy limits adequacy, binder issuance propriety, additional insured identification, coverage termination, risk evaluation guidance, insurer selection decisions, and otherwise.  We make clear in our advocacy that the coverage chosen by the customer is open and obvious -there in black and white in the policy pages and declarations.  We investigate facts to determine whether the claimant’s own decisions as to coverage scope and premium choice caused the loss.  Our relationships with leading industry and academic experts allow us to present expert opinion testimony on the producer’s standard of care and compliance with duties.  In addition, our advice to clients is informed by the agent/broker distinction, and the insurer/producer distinction, that can affect the defense strategic reaction to claims.