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Jason Prochnow is a shareholder with Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, P.A. He represents national, regional and local companies and insurance company clients in the areas of product liability, asbestos defense, personal injury, and construction litigation. Jason focuses his practice with the primary and most important goal of advising clients as early as possible on their exposure, the best option for positioning a case for resolution or dismissal, the likely chances of success under each scenario and the cost for getting there. Early case analysis has meant that Jason’s numerous subcontractor clients do not get stuck with an adverse contractual indemnity/defense ruling, requiring them to pay a share of the general contractor’s defense cost in any dispute. In the bad subcontract case, Jason works to prove no claims arise out of his client’s work, or obtain a creative resolution through a repair offer, a warranty promise, or an early Pierringer settlement. As an asbestos trial lawyer, Jason has successful trial experience in living and wrongful death mesothelioma cases. He has favorably resolved many asbestos suits over the years for local and national asbestos defendants alike for alleged exposures to gaskets, brakes, refractory materials, insulation, fireproofing, hot tops, and other products.